"Signal Transduction - Identifying signalling cascades: providing new alleys for therapeutic intervention"


Investigation of lipid signaling (sphingolipids and lipid mediators in human tissue) and of protein kinase C isoforms (isoenzyme-mediated cellular functions in renal mesangial cells)

Cutaneous wound healing as a model system to identify targets of pharmacological intervention in the context of healing disorders

Determination of enzyme activities (Cyclooxygenase, Prostaglandin synthase, Adenylyl cyclase) and functional analysis of receptors and G proteins in the transmission of nociceptive and inflammatory processes.

Analysis of chemokine – chemokine receptor interaction in respect to chronic inflammation and autoimmune diseases for the identification of novel therapeutic targets.

Apoptosis cascade in neurons & lymphosytes

Intracellular calcium, sodium & pH- homeostasis

Receptor mediated neuronal transmission

Regulation of signal molecules activity in the inflammatory context

the patho physiological role of the polo-like kinase 1 (PLK1) in the mamma carcinoma

Role of reactive oxygen species in the cellular signal transduction