"Proteomics - the study of all proteins"


Identification of nitric oxide-regulated genes by 2D protein gel electrophoresis.

Screening of cDNA libraries with the Yeast Two Hybrid System to identify proteins involved in pain transmission.

Screening of neuronal tissue (spinal cord, dorsal root ganglia, brain) for detection of pain-relevant target proteins by 2D-PAGE

Protein-protein interactions using the TAB tandem affinity purification system

Identification and characterization of membrane proteins and membrane protein complexes

Analysis of murine embryonal fibroblasts- comparison of MLL knock-out cell lines with wild type lines

differential proteomics in the investigation of ALL (acute lymphatic leukemia)

Subtractive proteome analyses of eukaryotic model systems

Reverse drug proteomics

Analyzing mammalian subproteomes in Yeast-2-Hybrid screens