"Molecular Biology Tools - The key to new drug targets"


Design of gene expression cassettes with preferential activity in tumor cells: control by viral transcription factors or by promoters from aberrantly expressed genes

Improving strategies for cancer treatment by screening for synergy effects: prodrug converting enzymes as radiation sensitizers and specific antiviral therapeutics

Protein and nucleotide extraction from nerval animal tissues (spinal cord, dorsal root ganglion and other CNS regions): Determining the therapeutic effects of novel drugs in pain and inflammation.

Regulation of signal molecules activity in cell system models of colorectal cancer

Design and construction of gene expression modifying tools (triple helix-forming oligos (TFOs), siRNA, artificial transcription factors) in order to prevent or intervene with processes of chronic inflammation and autoimmunity.

Vector constructions for the generation of molecular biological tools with the objective to therapeutically modify chemokine-chemokine receptor interaction.

Heterologic expression of target proteins in procaryontic/ eucaryontic cell systems

Molecular diagnosis of chromosomal translocations of the human MLL gene

Heterologous expression of Human proteins

Homo- and heterologous expression of Dictyostelium proteins

Making monoclonal antibodies

Differential gene expression and expression profiling

Expression of recombinant human therapeutic proteins

specific inhibition of gene expression via siRNA
re-methylation of tumor suppressor genes in the mamma carcinoma