"In-Vivo Testsystems - Testing drug candidates
within a living organism"


Effect of unsaturated fatty acids on the homoeostasis of Atm-/- mice

Exploring mechanisms of wound healing, inflammation and tissue regeneration in mouse strains with well characterized gene defects (db / db, ob / ob; transgene).

Evaluating the efficiency of gene delivery and other anti-cancer treatment strategies on pre-established tumors in nude and SCID mice

Testing of analgesic drug candidates in murine animal models of inflammatory, mechanical, thermal and neuropathic pain.

Catheter implantation into the rat lumbar spinal cord for intrathecal administration of analgesic drug candidates.

Functional knock-down of pain-relevant target proteins within the spinal cord by continuous delivery of antisense oligonucleotides.

Studying pathomolecular mechanisms and new therapeutic concepts in inflammatory bowel disease by colitis mice models

Exploration of pathologic secretory processes in mucoviscidosis by CFTR-knockout mice

Intravital video microscopy to assess the effects of chemokines and chemokine receptor antagonists on the transmigration of mononuclear cells through the microvascular endothelial barrier.

Aging model covering the whole live-span of mice

Transgenetic mice for probing aging-related brain disorders

Cardiomyophatic hamsters

Visualizing and quantifying human cerebral perfusion to monitor effects of drugs on tissue perfusion

Visualizing cerebral neuronal activity in humans during external stimuli (e.g. pain) to reveal cerebral function and the influence of drugs ( e.g. analgetics)

Analysing tissue microstructure and neuronal fibers in brain tissue to reveal any damage of these structures and the effect of drugs.

Analysis of nuclear morphology in brain tumors (surgical specimen), correlation with survival time and changes under therapy

Mouse models of hypertension and angiogenesis