"In-Vitro Testsystems - From the tube to the living cell"


Activation and lipid mediator release of basophils after allergen exposure

Primary cells (white blood cells, glomerular mesangial cells) and cancer cell lines (colon, breast) as models for cytokine production, activation of inflammation and apoptosis
and for the extracellular matrix and its composition

Burkitt lymphoma lines for optimizing drug delivery and therapy efficiency of virus-based gene delivery

Keratinocytes: Primary human cells and cell lines derived from keratinocyte tumors to assess phospholipase A2 and its role in cancer

Determination of platelet activity and hemostasis after administration of NSAID.

Electrophysiological determination of pain-related pathways by Patch Clamp analysis and Calcium Imaging in cell cultures of spinal cord neurons and dorsal root ganglia.

Studying of intestinal permeability and absorptive/secretory transport processes with the patch-clamp technique

Single cell immune assays to determine dendritic cell maturation parameters and antigen-specific T lymphocyte responses.

96 well luminometer for „High Throughput“ gene Reporter Assay to investigate presence and functionality of transcription inducing or repressing proteins.

96 well Neuroprobe® chamber based chemotaxis assay with semi-automatic evaluation and circular flow chamber to assess effects of anti-inflammatory recombinant and biological therapeutics.

Neuronal models for Alzheimer Alzheimer’s disease & oxidative stress

Blood-brain barrier models

Receptor related neuronal transmission

Using the Caco-2 permeability assay for rapid assessment of the absorption potential and susceptibility of drugs for cellular efflux pumps

Identification of disease relavant molecules in patiens with rheumatic disease:
The step from the animal model to humen tissue

Development of test systems for antiinflammatory drug screening

In-vitro assay for transcription/translation of new inhibitors for bacterial protein synthesis (antibiotics)

Testing cytotoxicity of cytostatic drugs in combination with immune effector cells, cellular proliferation and function by five colour-flow cytometry.

Biorelevant dissolution testing

Functional analysis of MLL fusion proteins in eukaryotic cells

Testing oncogenic potential of human proteins in eukaryotic model systems

Jumping genes and their control: site-specific integration into genomes

Testing human embryo toxicity in eukaryotic model systems

Identifying new ligands in radio-ligand binding assays

Identifying Ras-Raf inhibitors by Yeast-2-Hybrid screens

Use of transient and stable transfection studies to analyze gain-of functions in mammalian cell systems

PLK inhibition by siRNA in combination with cytostatic drug treatment of breast cancer cell lines

Determination of the effect of de-methylating agents in combination with cytostatic drug treatment on breast cancer cell lines