"Gene Expression - Gene regulation in health and disease"


Studying protein interaction outside the cell (gelatin zymography of matrix metalloproteinases from the extracellular matrix) and inside the nucleus (electromobility shift assays at defined promoter sequences to analyze the effect of drugs (NSAIDs) on transcription factor binding)

Visualizing gene expression in situ by confocal laser microscopy and by immunofluorescence analysis of tissue sections (phospholipase A2 subtypes in the skin)

High-volume Sartorius Cross-Flow Protein Purification System in combination with the Pichia pastoris- based eukaryotic expression systems for chemokine receptor antagonist production and purification.

Automated ELISA Spot Assay Video Analysis System provides measurements of e.g. the frequency of cytokine secreting cell.

Identification of target genes in rheumatic diseases- e.g. gene chip analyses in primary materials

Regulation of proinflammatory genes in inflammation-related cell systems

differential gene expression patterns of breast cancer and correlation with classical prognostic techniques

Effects of angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors on endothelial gene expression