Frankfurt Mayor Petra Roth supports ZAFES





In July the ZAFES-board and director, in conjunction with the executive Vice President Aventis Pharma Dr. Frank Douglas presented the innovative ZAFES-concept to the Mayor. Petra Roth assured her full support of the Center- in particular to the networking to a pharmaceutical-think-cluster.

Highly relevant for industrial pharmaceutical research

The relevance of ZAFES to pharmaceutical research lies in the establishment of a pharmaceutical-think-cluster. For example, the Boston area in the US demonstrates that location advantages can be gained if first class universities collaborate with one others, as well as with industrial partners. Numerous universities, institutes and industrial companies can be reached quickly from Frankfurt. This benefits Frankfurt and also explains Aventis’ engagement in ZAFES, declared Dr. Frank Douglas. With the help of ZAFES, the Frankfurt University should be able to better capitalize on its huge intellectual resources provided by its 40,000 students. It is important that as many students and Ph.D. students as possible benefit from ZAFES. According to Dr. Hartmut Schwesinger, the director of the Frankfurt Economic Development GmbH, ZAFES will then be able to make a significant contribution to the realm of international competition.

Breathtaking progress

The progress ZAFES has made in one year is breathtaking,” commented Prof. Josef Pfeilschifter, noting the rapid development of ZAFES. “We have to take the next step now: The establishment of a strong pharmaceutical think-cluster in the Rhein-Main area. To do so we will need help from politics, perhaps with the initiation of infrastructural arrangements.”

Political support is necessary

ZAFES is, according to Roth, a German cluster of excellence, which needs further support. ZAFES should work together with the city of Frankfurt, in particular with the Frankfurt Economic Development GmbH. The Federation needs to recognize this and promote the proper centers. After all, the Human Capital, which is available at ZAFES is extremely competitive. As Mayor of Frankfurt, Roth will do everything in her power to contribute to ZAFES, especially in regards to a city-wide networking of ZAFES competencies.




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